How it works

The newest marketplace to buy and sell sneakers and streetwear


How to Buy


Find the perfect sneaker

Search through the hundreds of sneakers on the platform. Click the “Buy Now” button to purchase for the asking price, or click “Make an Offer” to work your negotiation skills (Deposit required)



Seller needs to accept or counter

Seller will get a notification that an offer was made on their item. They can choose either to accept the offer or send a counter price. Once a price is agreed upon, the sneaker is shipped to Cloutor HQ for confirmation of authenticity.



No need to worry, we got you

We take care of everything else. Get notified every step of the way from when the seller ships the item to when it is on its way to you. The most transparent marketplace in the industry.



How to Sell


Make your items visible to the world

Sell your items individually or as a group up for sale at a price that you are comfortable with.
5-Step How To Sell Guide



Accept or counter

When you receive an offer, you have a choice. You can accept the offer given, or you can counter to try to meet somewhere in the middle. You only have one shot at this, so make it count.



Deal is done. Lets get that payout

Ship your item to Cloutor using a pre-paid shipping label sent to you via email. Faster you ship, faster you get paid out.


Fast Turnarounds

Receive your purchases in a timely manner. Get notified every step of the way

Fast Payouts

Get money transferred to your PayPal account AS SOON as authentication is complete


Exceptional Customer Service

We will make it right. The customer is first and always will be