What are the commission fees for sellers?

We charge a low 7.5% commission fee for every collection sold on our platform.

What is the Transaction fee?

All of our payment processing is done via PayPal. None of your payment information is stored on our servers, and all collection of your payment information is done off site. PayPal Charges us 2.9% +.30$ per transaction so we charge 3% to cover for that.  We do not charge a transaction fee when purchasing an item/collection.

What is the seller fee?

The seller fee is the same for all vendors selling on the platform no matter where you are located in the US.

The seller fee is as follows:

US = 5$

Updated: 5/26/20

When should I ship my collection when it is sold?

When your collection is sold, you have 2 business days to put it in the mail using the free shipping label provided to you via email. Make sure to retrieve your receipt upon drop off of your package. Remember, the faster you put your collection in the mail, the faster you get paid out.

How do I get paid out?

After you ship your collection to Cloutor HQ and your collection has been authenticated, then you are ready to get paid out.  Cloutor will release your earnings to you connected PayPal account immediately following confirmation of authenticity.  

Can I sell if I live outside of the United States?

We currently do not support buyers or sellers who have a shipping address outside of the United States.

What photos should I upload when adding a collection?

When adding a item/collection, you should upload any photos of the shoes/streetwear that you are selling whether they are from an online source or photos that you have taken.  These photos will not be visible to the buyer or anyone visiting the site.  These photos only help us in identifying exactly which items you wish to sell. The featured image is the item that users will see first before clicking on your collection.

How do I ship my collection?

All collections must be shipped in a box that holds all pieces safely and securely. To view all steps, refer to this document.  A copy of this document will be sent to you when you sell your item/collection as well.

Can I sell used Items?

We currently are only allowing vendors to sell items that are DSWT (Dead Stock With Tags).  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it is another way of saying “brand new, unused”.