7.5% Commission

Selling your collections has never been cheaper. With Cloutor, you will be able to enjoy the lowest commission fee in the industry of 7.5%.  We make it a priority to put more money in your pocket

Make an Offer

We thought that it was important for you as a customer to try to get the best deal possible on the sneakers that you’ve had your eye on for awhile now.  With the Make An Offer option, you are now fully in control of what you want to pay.  Throw out a price and see if the seller bites. Who knows, they may be willing to work with you.

Add up to 10 Items per Post

With Cloutor, you are now able to buy and sell multiple items in one transaction. This will save both time and money on both sides of the sale through lower commissions and combined shipping costs.  Fully invest in a hyped collaboration or buy a whole collection for yourself.