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Accurate Predictions

Accurate resale predictions that take into consideration 3 of the biggest factors effecting after drop resale metrics.
Questions you ask, that you’ll never have to ask again…

Stock Numbers

How many of these sneakers are available? Will supply greatly outweigh the demand?

Historical Data

How well did this silhouette do in the past? Is it a restock? Which color do consumers typically prefer?

Demand based on Media Hype

How many people are talking about this drop? Will demand greatly outweigh the supply?
Using our expert systems, trusted practices, extensive industry knowledge and exclusive insider connections, our resale predictions are as close as they come.

Our Hype Score

Derived from sophisticated AI tools grading the amount mentions each drop has on the various social media platforms, our Hype Score correlates directly with the demand on every given drop. The higher the percentage, the higher perceived demand. The Lower the percentage, the lower the demand.


Hype Score

*Our predictions are based on our own intuition and experience in the industry so don’t base your purchases solely on what you read here. This is not to be taken as financial advice. Any interpretations of the information above are solely on the viewer. By agreeing to the Terms of Conditions, Cloutor is not liable for any damages arising from your decisions based on the content made available to you here.

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